The Dom Tames Rapunzel

Available June 24th


Jessica Lowe is bored with the endless round of parties her life has become. When she’s invited to Pleasure Manor to attend a coveted Fairy Tale role-play event, she’s ecstatic, even if the Dom sponsoring her is an old high school classmate. But he’s not the nerd he once was, and she can’t help but ache for the bossy, domineering man he’s become.

Jasen remembers Jessica as the spoiled little rich girl who used her status and beauty to get what she wanted. From what he’s seen and heard lately, not much has changed. She has a reputation topping the Doms in his BDSM club. But he plans to tame this sub once and for all. For three days, she’ll be his Rapunzel.

But to Jasen’s surprise, there is much more to Jessica than the pampered princess who demanded he do her homework, and he’s just the man to help her discover exactly who she is.

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“I guess you don’t recognize me. It has been many years.” He forced disappointment into his voice.

Jessica whipped around, head high as she glared down the gentle slope of her nose at him. “I know who you are. Sir.”

Her acknowledgment pleased him, as did the spark of resentment rolling off her in waves. “Ah, a sub with spunk.” Jasen admitted to a bit of perverse pleasure that she was required to show deference to his Dom status, and the fact that it didn’t sit well with her made him wonder whether she was truly submissive.

Or was her reluctance because he’d been the nerd from high school, the one person who didn’t bow to her bidding. Of course, it was more likely this was just another game in a long list of games, parties, and wasting her life on the frivolous. “We’ve determined we’re not strangers, so back to my question. Will you accept my invitation to be my sub for the fairy tale event? I need your answer. Now.” He deepened his voice, used his most commanding tone.

Jessica swallowed hard in reaction and quickly lowered her eyes, but not before he caught a hint of pure lust. His interest rose even higher. Perhaps Glorie was right in her assessment of this woman from his past. Still, she wasn’t like the rest of the subs who adhered to their places and roles. If she agreed to be his sub, he accepted that he was going to have to tame this princess. He looked forward to the challenge.

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