Red & Her Big Bad Dom


Red & Her Big Bad Dom


Lucy Sanchez had a pain in her sexy ass named Graham Winters. Stepping out of the elevator, she headed for her office, glad the workday was nearly over. She stopped short when she spotted said P.I.H.S.A. sitting on one corner of her desk, swinging one leg back and forth. She dumped an armload of files on the desk, crossed her arms in satisfaction at the resulting loud thump, and stuck out her hip. “What do you want, Graham?”

Graham Winters, a blond-haired, blue-eyed god, might be one of the best-looking men around, but he was a geek, and Lucy had this rule: No geeks.

“Gee, Lucy. Can’t a guy just stop in to chat?” He nudged his dark-rimmed glasses up his nose and grinned.

She rolled her eyes. If ever there was a nerd, it was this computer whiz who happened to be one of the vice presidents. Graham was in charge of all things computer and data related.

He was Head Geek of a department of geeks. Her gaze roamed over his faded jeans, plaid shirt, bright yellow tie, and running shoes. She sighed. The man looked like one of the many college kids in his department, even though he’d passed the big three-oh mark last week. She knew, because he’d tried to get her to go celebrate with him.

She smirked. While Graham turned thirty in some noisy bar that catered to boring nerds, she’d been having wild and wonderful sex at a club with The Wolf. Thinking of her Dom made her breasts tingle and sent a low hum of desire deep into her core. Now there was a man no woman turned down.

When it became clear that Graham wasn’t going to get up, she heaved out a loud, long-suffering sigh. “Get your ass off my desk. I’ve got work to do.”

He stood and shoved his hands in his pockets.

Lucy pulled out her chair, sat, then pointed to her boss’s office. “Bryce is free. Go on in.” Aside from being a VP, the geek was a close friend to Bryce Langston, the owner of A & B Accounting.

“Don’t need Bryce, Lucy. I came to see you.” He opened one of the files.

Slamming her hand on the file, Lucy glared at Graham the Geek. “Go away. I have work to do, and I’m sure you do as well.”

“Nope, done. Heading out.” He shoved a hank of blond hair from his eyes and dropped into the chair next to her desk, planting his elbows on her desk, his chin resting on his clasped hands, his baby blue eyes fixed on her. “Have dinner with me. There’s this new Thai restaurant I want to try.”

Lucy wanted to bang her head on something hard, like his hard head. “No.” God, would he never learn?

“Aw, come on, Luc. I’m a pretty good date, you know. Rich, too. Lots of women throw themselves at my feet.” His eyes held longing, and did she see humor lurking there?

His sexy, bedroom eyes sent flutters of desire through her. She hardened her heart and mind. “No. Don’t care if you’re richer than God himself.” According to the rumor mill, he was very rich. He’d inherited family money and didn’t need to work, but that didn’t make any difference to her. She held up a hand to stop him from speaking. “No dates. No coffee. No Thai restaurants. No. No. No. Not going out with you, Graham. Period.”

How many more times would she have to tell him no in order for him to get the message? If he hadn’t been pals with her boss, she’d have cut him down a long time ago, but instead, she endured. Oh, how she endured.

She had to admit, with a body like his, it was tempting to go out with him. Too bad he was a nerd, but rules were rules.

Graham picked up a sharpened pencil and twirled it between his fingers. “Okay, no Thai dinner. How about a movie Friday night?”

“Dammit, Graham. Didn’t you hear a single word I said?”

“I heard. What’s the harm? One night. Just a movie. Not like I’m asking you to go to some wild, crazy sex club or something.”

Sex club. Her Dom. Yum. What would The Geek say if she told him she wanted to go to a private and exclusive club like the one where she’d first met her wolf, her big, bad wolf? He’d be shocked and horrified, which made it very tempting to tell him. Might make him think twice about asking her out again.

Sorry, Graham. I’m a sub, and I need a dominant man, not an overgrown college nerd.

She nearly burst out laughing. No, she wasn’t that cruel, but thinking of Doms, her Dom, made her shiver in anticipation. This time tomorrow, she’d be with her wolf for three days of delicious sex. Yay for her!

A shiny, copper penny bounced across her desk. “A penny for them.”

“Huh?” She realized she’d zoned out.

Graham leaned back, rested an ankle across his knee and steepled his fingers together. He looked more like a boss or a VP than a nerdy geek, as though he were suddenly in control. “You looked all dreamy, like you’re thinking of something good. Share.”

The faint command in his voice nearly made her blurt out her thoughts. She met his gaze and wondered if he’d ever considered contacts. He did have wide, humor-filled blue eyes set in a tanned face with full, sensual lips. His thick, blond hair curled over the collar of his shirt.

It really was too bad he was such a geek. Unlike her ex-husband, The Jerk, Graham did have the whole body thing going for him. Her gaze flitted along his shoulders as she imagined running her hands over all that firm muscle. Was his broad chest hard and tanned, or was he skinny, flabby, and pasty white beneath his shirt.

“Like what you see?” He cocked a brow.

Brought up short, she groaned low in her throat, the sound coming out a growl. “Get real.” Yet her nipples tingled and deep in her center, arousal hummed. For some strange reason, she did find the man attractive. She sighed. Just think of Dirk. The Two-Timing Bastard Geek.

“So about tomorrow. Movie, yes?”

Lucy rolled her eyes. “Tomorrow, no. Have plans.” She held up her hand. “Weekend plans.” With her wolf. Woohoo! She shut down her computer.

Graham got to his feet and jammed his hands in his pockets. “You’re cruel, Lucy.”

“Yeah, that’s me. Goodbye.” She felt a twinge of guilt as he whirled around and strode out of her office.

“Cut the man a break, Lucy.”

Lucy glanced at the doorway separating her office from that of her boss’s. Bryce Langston leaned against the doorjamb. “Nope. Got rules, Bryce. You know that. He’s your pal, but…” She shrugged. “Rules are rules.”

“Dirk was a horse’s ass. Doesn’t mean other men will be unfaithful or that all geeks are the same.”

She winced. “Not ready for anything serious.” Unless it was with her wolf, and that reminded her of the upcoming weekend. Three delicious days of role-playing. The theme, this time, was fairy tales, and she was Little Red Riding Hood and her Big Bad Wolf was her Dom.

“Unless you need me, I’m done for the day.” She grinned impishly. “Have to pack and get ready for this weekend.” She grabbed her purse from the bottom drawer and stood.

Bryce shook his head in resignation. “Arranged for a limo to pick you up at Jaimie’s apartment.” His eyes gleamed with anticipation.

Lucy frowned. “Bryce, go easy on her. She’s as vanilla as they come.” And this was the first event he’d participated in since losing his wife to cancer.

Bryce’s demeanor stiffened. One brow shot up. “Are you telling me how to treat my sub?” His voice dropped several notches.

That deep baritone didn’t do anything for Lucy, which was too bad. Not only was Bryce super-hot, super rich, he was the king of Doms in her world. Unfortunately, he didn’t excite her.

“Save that lethal voice for Jaimie,” she muttered. “Or for the club, and remember Jaimie is my best friend. She’s going to be hurt when she learns I knew you were going to be her Dom. She’s the victim. That asshole boss of hers set her up to take the fall. Jaimie wasn’t part of the embezzling ring. She’s the one who uncovered it and has suffered enough.”

Bryce believed Jaimie was innocent, but he insisted on talking to her face to face and Jaimie refused. Her friend felt betrayed and hurt. And the whole affair had scared her. Had she not made copies of the files and dates that proved her innocence, she’d have gone to jail with the others.

Yet, Lucy understood Bryce’s frustration. Until he had a face-to-face with Jaimie, he’d have doubts.

Bryce tipped Lucy’s chin up. “I believe you, Lucy. And the evidence presented says she wasn’t involved. But I have to know for sure.”

Lucy nodded. “I know.” Bryce had been furious and shaken that people he trusted were robbing him blind. She smiled. “I trust you with her.”

“Good. Now get out of here. Go get ready for your weekend of pleasure.”

“Yes, sir.” Grinning, Lucy hurried out. Pleasure Manor, here I come.


Graham paced his apartment, restless as a caged wolf. His encounter with Lucy left him more despondent than usual. He loved her, every delicious inch of her, and she refused to even go out for a damn cup of coffee. Hell, friends did coffee. Acquaintances met for coffee, yet he was lucky if she spoke two civil words. And pathetic man that he was, he deliberately baited her, just to hear her scathing voice.

He sighed. Why had he thought today would be any different? When Lucy said no, Lucy meant no. Not once had she changed her mind or relented. So why did he even bother? His gaze fell on a black mask and his black leather pants. “Because we’re so damn well suited.”

They were both into the BDSM lifestyle. He was a Dominant when it came to his sexuality, and she was a natural submissive. A Dom’s dream sub. Her job required her to be in control, his needed him to be the computer nerd, but out of the office, both their true natures took over.

He remembered their last play session at the Silver Fox. She’d made his birthday memorable, even if he couldn’t tell her. He’d bought himself a new paddle, and Lucy had presented her ass, begging for him to try it out. He threaded his hands through his hair and sighed. Yes, sexually, they were totally in tune.

Then there was dancing. She was one hell of a dancer. Nobody tangoed like his sub, and her salsa moves turned him on. He wished he could take her to a place with a real dance floor, one large enough to waltz around. He picked up the black mask, pulled it over his head, then strode to a mirror and grimaced. “Imagine the scene you’d cause if you wore this out in public. Cops would be called for sure.”

Maybe he should stalk into her office and order her to kneel. His Dom voice always started her juices flowing, but the damn woman would fall out of her chair laughing. Now if he strode in there as The Wolf, she’d drop to her knees without a second thought.

He took off the mask and added it to his packed bag, along with half a dozen spares. Damn things were hot, but if wearing a mask made it possible to see Lucy, he’d endure. What a fluke to discover Lucy was a sub. He’d seen her at one of the clubs six months ago. She’d been with another Dom and hadn’t seen him. Even if he’d wanted to approach her that night, he couldn’t approach another Dom’s sub. Besides, the damn woman would have laughed her sexy little ass off.

So he’d devised the perfect plan and gone back as The Wolf. His custom-made mask and new persona fit right in at the clubs that catered to BDSM. It had taken a week before he’d seen her again, and the moment she entered, he’d approached her and asked her to dance.

That was the beginning of the mother of beginnings. He’d fallen hook, line, and sinker. After several weeks, he’d arranged for her to be invited to one of the events at Pleasure Manor, Bryce’s private club, and for her to be his partner. That weekend had been everything he’d dreamed of and more. She was the perfect sub and the only woman he wanted in his life.

So far, they’d agreed to be exclusive. He took her out once or twice a week at the various clubs where he had a membership. He laughed without humor. She refused to date The Geek, but she’d do whatever The Wolf ordered. What the hell was he going to do?

He climbed the stairs to his bedroom, headed for a hidden staircase that led to a small room he’d converted from the attic, and entered his playroom. There, he opened one of several cabinets and surveyed his tools and toys. What would she do if he brought her into his playroom? He grinned. She’d be hot and wet within minutes. His sweet sub had an adventurous soul. Just thinking of Lucy in this room made his dick hard. Damn, he wanted her at his side every day, not just kneeling before him a few times a month.

Gathering his favorite toys, Lucy’s favorites, he added them to his packed bags and put aside his discouragement. Today, Lucy had stomped her geek. Tomorrow, she’d kneel before her wolf.

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