Summer Treats — Summer Projects

Welcome to the Summer Treat Blog Hop. Wild Rose Authors present a bouquet of blogs dedicated to surviving and thriving during the summer heat. Each blog gives you a treat—a recipe, a summer life hack, a vacation spot—as well as a fantastic selection of books to read. In addition, enter the Wild Rose Summer Treats and Reads contest to […]

Why Are We Drawn To Fairytales?

Why Are We Drawn To Fairytales? Admit it, you’ve got at least one, if not a dozen favorite fairytales. Everyone knows Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, etc. to just name a few. Then there’s all the new ones which come out to become favorites of children today like The […]

Erotic Food-Asparagus

This  month’s entry in my Erotic Foods blog is Asparagus which has been said to stir up lust in men and women. Aside from it’s phallic shape which make it an obvious choice for an erotic food, asparagus in high in potassium as well as fiber, vitamin B6 and vitamin as well as thiamin and […]

Favorite 4th of July Memories

What are your favorite 4th of July memories? I have a few. The first is a childhood memory, gathering at my grandmother’s house. My dad is part of a large family (13) and I’m the eldest grandchild so I was fortunate to experience many large family gatherings before everyone scattered across the states. I have […]

June’s Favorite Links & Why

Welcome to my end of the month feature: My Favorite Links & Why. I hope this will be a fun posting each month, both for you the reader and me, the writer!  So here goes. For Writers Abolutewrite is a hive of activity and a wealth of information. You can get feedback and information […]