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Jessica Lowe is bored with the endless round of parties her life has become. When she’s invited to Pleasure Manor to attend a coveted Fairy Tale role-play event, she’s ecstatic, even if the Dom sponsoring her is an old high school classmate. But he’s not the nerd he once was, and she can’t help but ache for the bossy, domineering man he’s become.

Jasen remembers Jessica as the spoiled little rich girl who used her status and beauty to get what she wanted. From what he’s seen and heard lately, not much has changed. She has a reputation topping the Doms in his BDSM club. But he plans to tame this sub once and for all. For three days, she’ll be his Rapunzel.

But to Jasen’s surprise, there is much more to Jessica than the pampered princess who demanded he do her homework, and he’s just the man to help her discover exactly who she is.

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Caitlin Olsen is in complete control of her life. After years of taking care of others, she’s on her own and loving every minute. She has her horses and her ranch. What more does she need? Yet deep inside, she yearns to give up all her responsibilities and simply experience life. When a friend suggests she try a bit of BDSM role-play, she does her research and accepts an invitation to Pleasure Manor for a fairy tale event.

Former Navy SEAL and Dominant, Damon Steele is a loner. His failure to keep his team alive destroyed too many hopes and dreams. He won’t be responsible for anyone else’s life or happiness ever again. There’s no room in his life—or his heart—for romance. Instead, he satisfies his needs at BDSM clubs and never with the same sub. Taking part in the fairy tale event at Pleasure Manor is difficult enough, but when Beauty challenges him both in the bedroom and out, he’s not sure he can control his inner beast.

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@sydneystclaire #twrp Once Upon A Dom Series by Sydney St. Claire Book 4. Beauty Submits To Her Beast http://www.sydneystclaire.com/once-upon-a-dom/beauty-submits-to-her-dom/

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